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Appropriate Lighting Can Make or Break a Nighttime Garden Patio Party

contoh gambar rumah minimalis– In preparing your patio for a nighttime garden party,few elements of decoration can be more important than appropriate lighting. Yet while there are many different kinds of lighting at your disposal for use around your patio,each style is suited towards a different purpose. Consider the following suggestions for ways that you can utilize outdoor patio lighting to create a pleasant outdoor environment for your guests. While not all of these examples might work in your garden,they may inspire you to create some interesting displays of your own.

String Lights – String lights are a frequent favorite for use around patio garden sets due to their versatility and the sense of style they create. While they can be used in a number of ways,one of the best implementations of such lights is to use them to create a sort of outdoor room. Take strands of string lights and attach them at one end to the top of an umbrella or pole in the center of your patio. Then stretch the strands outward,attaching them to high points around the patio and letting them sag in the center. This creates a sort of ceiling which provides structure to an otherwise open outdoor area.

Appropriate Lighting Can Make or Break a Nighttime Garden Patio Party
Appropriate Lighting Can Make or Break a Nighttime Garden Patio Party

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Patio Umbrella Lights Ideas

desain rumah minimalis 2 lantai: The phrase, ‘Killing two birds with one stone’ come to mind when I think of patio umbrella lights.

The umbrella provides shade and protection for you and your guests during the day, whilst at night time it illuminates your outdoor area – Great functionality!

Let’s dive straight into it and see what types of patio umbrella lights you have to choose from to decorate your patio.

Solar patio umbrella lights

In another section of the website we have looked in depth at the workings of solar patio lights. Certain makes and models are compatible for installation into an umbrella. One caveat is off course for your umbrella to be placed in a part of the patio where there is sunlight. These UV rays are necessary for the solar patio lights to collect energy and ultimately provide light when you need it! Solar patio umbrella lights are easy to install and have no wiring – a great benefit from a decorative standpoint.

Patio Umbrella Lights Ideas
Patio Umbrella Lights Ideas

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Solar Powered Patio String Lights

kumpulan desain rumah minimalis : Seen that both solar power- and patio string lights are so very popular with outdoor decorators, we thought it best to dedicate a section on this site to solar powered string lights.

Whether your motivation for installing string lights is just a mere subtle addition to your patio or a bold festive statement to accentuate a certain time of the year, solar patio string lights are almost always up to the task.

There is little doubt that string lights have the ability to enhance the ambience of your outdoor patio in a big way. This normally comes at a cost however. Solar powered patio string lights are therefore a favourite among ‘fiscal conservatives’ wishing to minimise costs. Not only does the market offer some quality brands at affordable prices, but the ongoing electricity costs is zero, zilch, nothing – nada!!

Solar Powered Patio String Lights
Solar Powered Patio String Lights

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Solar Patio Lights: Save the Planet and Some Money!

desain rumah sederhana minimalis – Lately it has almost been fashionable to be ‘green’. Environmentalists, politicians and business leaders are urging everybody to reduce their carbon footprint in the pursuit of reducing man-made global warming.

This rising trend has given birth to a new range of products on the market – from hybrid motor vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions to solar patio lights.

The concept of solar patio lights is very simple. Solar power from natural sunlight is stored by a built in battery during the day. When the sun sets, the battery is ‘powered up’ to provide energy for the lights to function. This process occurs daily as long as there is sunlight. Also, most solar patio lights have energy efficient bulbs which use traditionally less energy than other electric lights.

This energy efficiency implies that the cost of maintaining these lights is negligible. There are therefore no monthly electric bills to pay for lighting your patio, as the light is abundantly and freely supplied with the compliments of Mother Nature. The only significant outlay is upfront and if you shop around, you will find some excellent deals.
Getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ is not the only positive attribute of solar patio lights. They are also effortlessly easy to install. Solar lights come in all shapes and sizes.

Solar Patio Lights Save the Planet and Some Money
Solar Patio Lights: Save the Planet and Some Money

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Patio String Lights: Decorative Charm

desain rumah sederhana 6×12Patio lights have always had the magical ability of transforming an ordinary patio instantaneously into an outdoor wonderland.

You can get so much more out of your patio if you’re able to utilise it after the sun sets – think evening bbq’s, some drinks with guests, etc. The market for patio accessories has changed massively over the last few years.

The infant has grown into a mature market offering variety to homeowners. Nowhere is this truer than with the range of patio string lights. It seems like just a few years ago, consumers had to be satisfied with fragile plastic yellow green and red lanterns decorated randomly around the patio railing. Consumers now have choice, and an abundance of it!

So how do I distinguish between patio string lights and other lights?

Firstly they work on a low wattage system and therefore have low heat emissions, rendering it safe for your use outdoors.  Every string has set wattage which means that the brighter the lights, the fewer amount you can have on the string. The amount of lights you have on a string therefore depends largely on their size as well as brightness. The light globes themselves on the string are usually spaced about twelve inches from each other. The strings vary greatly in length, but generally go up to around 100 feet.

Inevitable the question is now asked, ‘What are the best ways to incorporate patio string lights into my outdoor settings?’ Let’s look at a few options,

Patio String Lights Decorative Charm
Patio String Lights: Decorative Charm

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Patio Lights: 6 Types to Choose From

desain rumah sederhana type 36 – As with most people, a large part of your time is spent on your patio in the evening. Perhaps you enjoy a drink outside after work, or you have friends that stay till late. Whatever the circumstance, if you are outdoors at night, you will need to spend some time installing patio lights to compliment your patio lighting efforts.

Installing patio lights however is not just an exercise born out of necessity. It also provides you with the opportunity to further beautify your garden patio and add more character to your home. Various hotels and resorts have successfully used patio lighting as a styling tool for years. The beauty is that installing patio lights are a relatively effortless exercise and can do wonders for the artistic value of your patio.

When it comes to choosing your patio lights, the options are vast and you can really let your imagination run away with you. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Patio Lights 6 Types to Choose From
Patio Lights: 6 Types to Choose From

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Suggestions & Ideas for Solar Garden Lights

rumah minimalis type 36 72 – One of the best ways to decorate a patio or garden is with Solar Garden Lights. These lights use a solar panel that charges a battery during the day, and then at night the light is powered on by the charged battery. This is especially helpful if there is not an accessible power source. It is also a great way to save on energy bills, since solar power does not add to your electric bill.

When Are Solar Garden Lights Right for Your Home?

If you have a prized flower or bush in your garden you can accent it with a solar spot light. Solar garden lights can also illuminate a dark walk-way from the driveway to the front door of your home. Not only do these wonderful lights not add to your electric bill, they are easy to install. Many times all that is needed is to pop the light into the ground with the attached stake, and there are no wires to run. Furthermore, once installed they are virtually maintenance free, except to occasionally clean the solar panel.

Solar Garden Lights
Solar Garden Lights

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