Kenali Tipe-Tipe Rumah Untuk Hunian Tepat Anda Sudah mengetahui apa saja tipe-tipe rumah? Perumahan yang saat ini banyak dibangun untuk memenuhi kebutuhan manusia akan hunian ternyata memiliki tipe-tipe dengan nama yang menarik. Terdapat pengembang perumahan yang memberi nama atau tipe rumah dengan nama benda, dan ada juga yang menamainya berdasarkan luas tanah dan bangunannya. Maka dari itu, bagi anda yang sering bergelut di dunia perumahan mungkin sudah tidak asing dengan sebutan rumah tipe 21, tipe 36, tipe 45, tipe 54, tipe 60, tipe 70, serta berbagai lainnya. Bagaimana sebenarnya rumah impian dengan tipe-tipe tersebut? Untuk mengobati rasa penasaran anda, berikut ini akan dibahas beberapanya diantaranya yaitu mengenai tipe 21, tipe 36, dan tipe 45.

tipe tipe rumah

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Membangun Rumah Idaman Tak Harus Mahal

Mempunyai rumah pribadi merupakan salah satu tuntutan kehidupan. Apalagi di tengah perkembangan jaman, banyak orang yang berbondong-bondong membangun rumah mewah agar kehidupannya lebih nyaman. Namun di tengah polemik ekonomi dan tingginya harga pemuas kebutuhan, maka menginginkan rumah mewah nan besar kiranya kurang tepat. Hunian minimalis, sederhana, nan nyaman seharusnya yang menjadi pilihan. Rumah yang minimalis identik dengan biaya yang hemat sehingga kita tidak perlu menguras habis kantong hanya untuk sebuah rumah karena kebutuhan lain di samping itu tak kalah banyak. Nah, bagaimana cara membangun rumah yang sederhana dan hemat?

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Lampu Taman dan Tips Mendekorasinya

Lampu taman adalah pendukung cantiknya taman rumah anda. Jika pada pembahasan sebelumnya kita sudah mengetahui bagaimana membuat taman yang cantik di lingkungan rumah maka kali ini yang akan kita bahas adalah bagaimana menambahkan ornamen pemanis taman, salah satunya yaitu lampu. Saat malam hari lampu adalah alternatif tepat untuk membuat taman rumah tetap terlihat, bahkan nampak lebih eksotis. Gambar di bawah ini adalah salah satu contoh penggunaan lampu pada taman. Semakin manis bukan?

lampu taman

Tata letak lampu taman sebenarnya kondisional atau menyesuaikan dengan konsep taman yang ada. Jika seperti gambar diatas, lampu diletakkan di bawah sehingga ornamen yang ada di atasnya terlihat lebih mempesona. Selain tata letak lampunya, pemilihan lampu juga harus dipikirkan matang-matang. Jangan sampai membeli lampu taman yang tidak sesuai dengan kondisi taman. Hanya karena ada penjual yang menawarkan lampu yang dikemas menarik dan secara langsung anda membelinya maka itu justru akan sia-sia. Maka dari itu, telitilah dan perhatikan pula kualitas lampu. Pastikan cahaya yang dikeluarkan pas dengan konsep taman anda. Pastikan pula bentuk atau model lampu tersebut sesuai sehingga dapat benar-benar bermanfaat.

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Consider About Patio Dining Sets

Rumah – Seasonal eating is a commonly used term. It generally refers to the opportunity to prepare meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. While seasonal eating is quite satisfying, the experience can be even more enjoyable if you choose seasonal dining as an accompaniment to the meal. Seasonal dining can be described as the experience of enjoying meals outdoors during the seasons in which the temperature allows you to do so.

Patio dining set are an excellent way to extend your dining and entertaining space. Throughout spring, summer, and a portion of the autumn season, you can experience the pleasure of outdoor dining. Dining sets are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. If you like to occasionally entertain during the warmer months of the year, a dining table with an extension would be a good choice for your patio dining area. If you have a large family or if you frequently invite a few close friends over for a meal, a dining set that seats seven might best fit your lifestyle. There are patio dining sets available for outdoor use that are made of teak, cedar, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron, or numerous other weather resistant material.

Patio Dining Sets
Patio Dining Sets

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Choosing Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Its long time not to update this simple blog. Okay, in last post I ever published about vegetable gardening.  And today I wanna talk about outdoor furniture. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to provide your body and your mind with a time of rest and relaxation each day. You can be more productive at work and your overall disposition is more pleasant when you are less stressed. Quite appropriately, a home is often described as one’s haven or place of retreat. However, if your home has a patio or garden area, that outdoor area can easily become your favorite place of retreat.

All you really need to set the stage for a personal retreat is an ultra comfortable chaise lounge. If you place a chaise lounge on your patio or in your garden area, each time you catch a glimpse of that very inviting chair it will entice you to set aside some time for personal relaxation. This would be an ideal place for you to sneak away to catch an afternoon nap or to enjoy some uninterrupted reading time. Setting aside time to enjoy peaceful moments of solitude to rest your mind and body by doing absolutely nothing is an exceptionally beneficial habit to develop.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges
Outdoor Chaise Lounges

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Vegetable Gardening Questions Answered

rumah minimalis mewah – Ok so I decided I would post this here. I did a free answer and question session with my newsletter and figured this might help some casual surfers who don’t sign up for my free newsletter.  For your information, you can also read another tips at , we hope you got lots of ideas there.

You can sign up for my free vegetable gardening newsletter on the right and get free information like this all the time. But basically I let my readers ask me any questions they wanted and here are some that were asked that I answered.

Ok so lets get started with the first question:


“Hi, what is the best way to test the Ph and temperature of your heap, and the best / worst ingredients to “pile in”. Thanx! ”

Answer To Question 1:

Well there are actually a few ways that I know about to do this. If I miss any im sorry but I will tell you what I do know. First you can purchase a home test in many garden centers that will give you the PH levels of your soil within only minutes. But these devices can be pretty pricy, so thats one option but lets move on to a free option!

Vegetable Gardening Questions Answered
Vegetable Gardening Questions Answered

Something you can do for free to test your PH levels of your soil that works fairly well is actually something that sounds a bit odd.

Heres what you do! Get two samples of your soil and put them in seperate containers. Glass will work well here so you can see everything well, maybe a glass jar. Fill the containers about 1/3 the way up with your soil. Next you want to add water to both containers to make the soil turn muddy. Now you want to add a tablesppon of vinegar to one container while adding a tablespoon of baking soda to another container.

If the container with vinegar begins to fizz then you have akaline soil. If the jar with baking soda begins to fizz then your soil is acidic. If none of the containers fizz after doing the above then your soil is more neutral. Pretty neat huh?

Lastly you can simply send your soil off to a local University. Many of them will test your soil for free but it can take weeks to get your sample back. They will send you a detailed report though which is great!

Now to the other part of your question. The best thing you can do is use a mixture of using greens and browns. You should use near equal amounts of both for best results.

Grass mowings and young soft weeds rot quickly but actually act to “activate” which gets your compost started well. Older and tougher plant materials are slower to rot and gives more body to the finished compost. Wood items that are chopped into small peices decay very slow. You can use all sorts of items for this, but make sure you mix your greens and browns for best results. Hope this helps!

For the reader who sent this simply email me if you need any more help and I will be glad to give you further information if you still feel like you need help. Its really such a broad area, theres alot of things you can use in your compost.

Ok lets move on to Question #2

Which Vegetables Grow Best In The Winter Months?

bangunan rumah minimalis- Which vegetables grow best in the winter months? Well the vegetables that grow best in the winter time really are those that grow underground. I guess that makes sense right? nature has a way of protected things and this is the case since these vegetables grow underground. Before you can read list vegetables, you can visit another articles like:
Container Gardening: How to be Ready for Winter Months

Autumn Garden Maintenance be Ready for Winter Months

One thing to consider is where you live. In the southern states it does not get that cold in the winter way down south. So if you live in the north compared to the south things will be different. But here are a few things that you can grow in the winter months:

Which Vegetables Grow Best In The Winter Months
Which Vegetables Grow Best In The Winter Months

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Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Worth It?

rumah minimalis kecil- Raised bed vegetable gardens can be good for your vegetables. But is it really worth the trouble of doing so? I guess thats all a matter of personal opinions. In reality its more time consuming and expensive, but it may be good if its what your looking for. But did you know that estimates of a professional to do this for you cost around $2,600? Thats a lot of money and even if you do it yourself your looking at the cost ending up around near $1,000!

So if your willing to spend the money thats fine. Lets go over the steps to building these shall we?

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Worth It
Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Worth It

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Preparing Soil For Vegetable Growing Steps

depan rumah minimalis – Preparing the soil for vegetable growing can be fun when you can already see those fresh veggies popping up soon right? So what do you need to do to prepare your soil for your new vegetable garden? First let me say that I offer a free guide on this and you should read it as it gives you some great ideas on what you should think about.

But lets go ahead and go over some of the basics that you will need to do in order to prepare the soil for vegetable gardening.

Preparing Soil For Vegetable Growing Steps
Preparing Soil For Vegetable Growing Steps

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