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What to Look For in Cheap Patio Doors

tipe rumah minimalis – When choosing the right patio doors,there are many choices that will await you. There are so many styles to choose from and each style will come in a rainbow of different colors,plus there will be various different arrangements of window panes. The sheer number of choices can be quite daunting. Patio doors are important as they need to be functional and yet completely invisible when opened. This will mostly govern your choice between buying expensive patio doors,or going for cheap patio doors. Of course there will be other factors to take into consideration such as budget and your individual requirements.

The first and the most important thing you need to think about when considering cheap patio doors is the space of the opening. Generally the size of your door opening isn’t as important as it used to be,as cheap patio doors are now available in large sizes. You may find a few places that don’t offer cheap patio doors in large sizes but mostly these days they are available in the same sizes as more expensive doors. It’s a matter of looking around.

What to Look For in Cheap Patio Doors
What to Look For in Cheap Patio Doors

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Sliding Patio Door Handle for Your Home

desain interior rumah minimalis type 70 – As so many homeowners have sliding patio doors that lead to their outdoor space, we thought it fitting to dedicate a whole section to sliding patio door handles.

Mostly, your decision on choosing a handle for your sliding patio door will be dictated by your current doorframe. For example, is it a wooden, aluminum or fibreglass frame?

More importantly, is the lock and handle surface mounted or mortise type handles.

What is the difference between surface mounted and mortise?

Surface mounted handles

Usually this type of handle is screwed onto the face of the sliding door frame and already has a built in lock that comes with the handle. They are notoriously easier to replace as the installation will amount to merely having to pull out the old screws, removing the broken or old handle and replace this with the newly purchased handle.

Sliding Patio Door Handle for Your Home
Sliding Patio Door Handle for Your Home

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Patio Door Handles & Patio Door Locks

desain interior rumah minimalis type 36 – Patio door handles and locks fall under the subject of accessories to your patio. I’m saying this because there is an unwritten rule I tend to adhere to when it comes to accessories such as these.

Now let me first give the small print. This is different from one region to another and obviously has its exceptions.

The rule is that I generally don’t spend more than $50 per item on this type of accessory. Most of your financial resources should go toward better looking and better quality furniture and lighting, as your patio is there to be enjoyed.

Nevertheless, a fully functional handle and lock is important to have.

Handles come in varied shapes and sizes. Chances are that you will find something that fits in well with the frame of your patio door panel and also subtly blend in with the surrounding décor.

Your door panel will mostly determine the type and design of patio door handle (or sliding patio door handle) that you end up choosing. The most regular materials are:

Patio Door Handles and Patio Door Locks
Patio Door Handles and Patio Door Locks

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Patio Dog Door….Problem Solved for You and Lassie!

desain interior rumah minimalis type 45 – We have always maintained that a good purchase for your home is if more than one party benefits from it. A patio dog door fits this description.

When you and your guests are enjoying the outdoor patio, you will inevitably neglect, or pay less attention to your dog.

This may mean that your doggie is restricted in their movements.

Installing a patio dog door is an easy solution to this problem. On the one hand it gives your dog the freedom to move around as they please, and removes the burden from you to constantly open and close the patio door.

As consumers demand more comfort, companies have no choice but to deliver. Manufactures of patio dog doors also deliver on this need. Innovation in this area means that homeowners have the option to purchase dog doors that are all set for easy and immediate installation. These doors are designed to fit in with your current patio door system, resulting in an easy setup.

Patio dog door problem solved for you and Lassie
Patio dog door: problem solved for you and Lassie

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Patio Door Security Locks For Your House

rumah minimalis type 70 – Sticking with just the standard locks issued with your patio door can sometimes be a dangerous option. Even though most patio door manufacturers pride themselves on a high production standard, the locks can sometimes be of a poor quality and therefore break easily if put under pressure.

This highlights the need that, in addition to installing a security bar, homeowners will be well served to install additional locks on their patio doors.

One important point to remember is to keep your patio door security lock as visible as possible. Why, you may ask? It’s universally accepted that if burglars notice a secure door, they are far less likely to even attempt a break in as it would present an impossible feat.

From a cost perspective, additional patio door security locks are almost always a relatively inexpensive accessory. Unless you intend on purchasing the type of locks suitable for FortKnox, chances are that you will be able to find high quality security locks for next to anything.

Patio Door Security Locks For Your House
Patio Door Security Locks For Your House

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Patio Door Security Bar – The Simple Security Solution

sketsa rumah minimalis type 36 – For all the functionality and benefits that patio doors have, they do tend to be vulnerable to forced entry. From a safety perspective, hinged patio doors are probably a better choice as they can be locked down easily with latches and deadbolts. Sliding doors on the other hand are more susceptible to burglary.

As with most products nowadays, consumers are faced with an astonishing range of choices to meet their needs.

When shopping around for patio door security bars you’ll tend to find that they are relatively cheap compared to other patio accessories. This simplifies the decision making process. Below we have a look at some of the available products on the market as well as things to look out for when shopping around:

Patio Door Security Bar The Simple Security Solution
Patio Door Security Bar – The Simple Security Solution

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Patio Door Security…’Be proactive, not reactive’

desain rumah minimalis type 45 – You may be correct to think that patio door security have almost no effect on your decorative efforts. This may be the case, but securing your patio door is of pivotal importance.

Now here comes a shocking statistic: 6 out of ten burglaries begin with entry through the back of the house. This simply means that if your patio door is not secure, it leaves both your possessions and family at risk – risks that can be easily mitigated.

Let’s briefly look at the foremost measures to secure your patio door in a cheap and effective way. These will be covered in greater detail in other sections of the website. The first two options are both relatively cheap and most homeowners stick to these as their primary ‘security instruments’.

Patio Door Security
Patio Door Security

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Patio Door Curtains….Easy Does It!

jasa desain rumah minimalis – The case for curtains over patio door blinds is compelling. I sit well and truly on the fence when it comes to that debate. Reason is simple – both have merit in different decorative settings.  But for the patio door blind fan club, let me play devil’s advocate for just a while.

Here are 5 reasons to choose curtains over blinds for your patio door:

Curtains add decorative class to your room

If you are looking for something to add some more spice and character to your room, curtains are generally a better choice over blinds.

This doesn’t just stop with the actual textile which is available in thousand of colours and patterns, but also refer to the curtain poles. Poles are varied and can also give an extra boost to your room, e.g. metal curtain poles with patterns, wood poles, etc.

It doesn’t stop there either. With blinds a border is generally lacking that is superbly created by with curtains. Blinds only cover the patio door area, whereas curtains can also be used as extra decoration with the way in which it’s assembled and presented.

Patio Door Curtains
Patio Door Curtains

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Patio Door Drapes: Dramatic Decorating

desain rumah minimalis modern – I don’t know about you, but when I think drapery, I think of the British Royal family with their royal residence in Windsor Castle, long hallways, high ceilings and window draping flowing from – what feels like – the heavens.

I think patio door drapery and the word ‘formal’ springs to mind, supplemented with a touch of classic elegance.

OK, I may be exaggerating a little, but I’m sure you get my point.

I know a sense of formality probably reminds you more of your spare guest room as opposed your patio doesn’t it?

However always keep in mind though that patio door drapes do, in many instances, contribute to a successful ‘bridge’ between the indoors and outdoors. Consequently if your interior is more formal, you may consider drapes as a suitable decorating option around your patio door.

First, let’s consider the difference between drapes and curtains. Basically drapes are pleated and more formal, whilst curtains are informal and generally gathered. Both are in essence long flows of fabric. They can be styled in a variety of positions, opening and closing many ways…

Patio Door Drapes Dramatic Decorating
Patio Door Drapes: Dramatic Decorating

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Patio Door Blinds: Decorative Flexibility

Desain rumah minimalis modern type 36– If there is one fact that will remain in home decorating, it’s that you are faced with choices, choices and more choices.

With your patio door you are confronted with the tough decision between patio door curtains, drapes and patio door blinds. The latter has many benefits, and here we’ll have a closer look at these.

Think back to your first thought when you were thinking, ‘patio door blinds’?

Perhaps a dodgy image of old vertical blinds sprang up in your mind – the type that you mostly find in rental apartments? At the risk of being misunderstood, let me say that I have nothing against vertical blinds. As a matter of fact I’m a big proponent if tastefully incorporated.

The array of alternatives for patio door blinds has grown exponentially over the last few years. No longer do you have to settle for one size, or one type, but can have custom made window blinds; styled to your preference in the materials you want.

Patio Door Blinds Decorative Flexibility
Patio Door Blinds Decorative Flexibility

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