Patio Doors: 3 Things to Consider

Desain rumah minimalis type 36 72 – The patio door provides the transition from a kitchen or family room area to your outdoor patio. Apart from the obvious functional benefits, patio doors also increase natural interior lighting as well as being a stylish focal point of a room.

So many people are surprised with the amount of variables to consider when choosing a suitable patio door. It is imperative to bear in mind certain key criteria when choosing your next patio door. The choices can sometimes not be easy.

Consider this for instance. You need to decide first of all if you want sliding or hinged patio doors. Both obviously have their unique benefits, merits and downsides.

Perhaps you want to save some space and therefore rather install a patio sliding door. Or perhaps you want to make a more bold decorative statement and therefore choose a hinged patio door.

So far we haven’t mentioned material types that are available on the market. If the first decision wasn’t a mind-boggling one, you will now be tested. Did you know prevailing weather conditions in your area play a big part in choosing the best patio door for you?  Don’t worry, we’ll explain!

The point is that options are vast. Every style, type and design have their unique charm, and for each homeowner with a different budget and distinctive setting, decisions will inevitable differ.

Below we have outlined an overview of some easy steps to make your process of elimination easier:

Patio Doors 3 Things to Consider
Patio Doors: 3 Things to Consider

Consider your weather conditions

It is important to consider the weather conditions in which you live in. Your ultimate choice for a patio door will be heavily influenced by whether or not you live in an area with long, cold winters or if you live in a more tropical or hot climate.

Persistent cold weather will normally call for your patio doors to be thermally insulated, whereas a more hot climate will require at least 2 panes of Low-E glass to help thwart the transfer of heat into your house.

Sliding or Hinged Patio Doors?

The basic types of patio doors are sliding or hinged. Sliding patio doors are the top choice for space efficiency and admitting daylight. These doors contain two or more individual panels of which at least one is able to slide from side to side on concealed rollers. The panels will slide parallel to the wall so they don’t obstruct patio furniture placement or walking areas.

Hinged patio doors on the other hand function in much the same way as normal doors. They are however completely glazed and normally hang in pairs. The individual panels of a hinged patio door are generally narrow and more visually obtrusive compared to a sliding patio door.

Choose between types of patio doors

Wooden Patio Doors

These door types are comparatively affordable and therefore worthwhile to remember when you are working on a budget. They also look great and have a good insulation factor. As with anything, there are downsides however. Wooden patio doors normally need regular maintenance and are also more vulnerable to moisture problems and ultimate damage. This problem can nevertheless be easily solved by use of a watershield.

Aluminum Patio Doors

Aluminum patio doors are often reasonably priced. They do however have poor insulation factors, and the paint tend to chip off of them after a while. This type of door also is also inclined to damage easily and there is normally no simple way to repair them

Vinyl Patio Doors

Once more, if you’re working on a budget a vinyl door might be a good choice. They have a fairly good insulation factor and are straightforward to install. The downside is that vinyl patio doors are known for cracking and there are limited color options to choose from.

What about installing my patio door?’, you may ask. This is a big task and not everyone can do it. We have included a video below for a more in-depth look into this arduous task.

Decorating the interior of your patio door is equally important. Our experts therefore meticulously look at the options that decorators have for patio window treatments. Are you going to install blinds, or perhaps be a little more creative with colorful curtains that will grace your patio door area and provide that final finishing touch? Our section on patio door window treatments looks at this issue.

Finally on a different section of the website we also explore the best the market has to offer in order to accommodate the family pet. A Large percentage of patio doors have dog doors built in to make movement for the family pet easier. If you have a pet, this might be worthwhile to consider.

One more thing! Durability over time is important to keep in mind. If you use your patio frequently, you will use your patio door just as much. Your patio door should therefore have a well-constructed screen component that will withstand regular opening and closings.

You can never go wrong with a vote for quality! In next post, I will share you about wooden patio door. So keep stay tune!


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