Black Shower Curtain Ideas

bentuk rumah minimalis– Browse through any shop that sells shower curtains, like Kohls, Linens and Things or Bed Bath and Beyond, and you are sure to find a couple of great shower curtains up for sale. It is important to note, however, that black won’t work for everything – especially when it comes to a toilet or bathroom’s interior design. So here’s a question: will black beautify your bathroom or totally annihilate it? Here you’ll learn couple of factors to help you think about it.

Elegant or Gloomy

The first factor to keep in mind is style, which can either help or hinder your bathroom’s look. Black is a good idea if there are bright white, gold or silver fixtures to add a little sparkle to the dark setting, otherwise you may end up making your bathroom a gloomy place to be in.  This is particularly true for dark shades of brown, red or blue, which tend to ‘depress’ a room’s atmosphere when combined with black.

Compact or Cramped

Another factor related to style is the overall effect on a room’s size. The color black tends to bring an impression of fullness rather than space, which is why you have to be careful when using the color. If the room is tight enough as it is, black will only cramp the limited space available. On the other hand, a roomier, brighter bathroom will benefit the most from the filling properties of the color. Make sure you make the right choice.

Black Shower Curtain Ideas
Black Shower Curtain Ideas

Beautiful or Tacky

Many black curtains have contemporary patterns in them, like floral or polka dot patterns. Such patterns can work to your benefit if they complement the overall color scheme of the bathroom, but can be tacky if they fail to do so. Even the most intricate damask patterns with vinyl liner will end up a waste of money well wit the sun and surf of a beach-themed bathroom. Likewise, a simple black dot shower curtain will work wonders if the bathroom is roomy and colorful enough to be enhanced by the pattern.

Clean or Scummy

Black is best when it is clean, which is why you must invest in quality curtains if you want to have a great-looking bathroom. Most shower curtains are made of plastic, but make sure you select vinyl as it is more resistant to mold, mildew and scum. If you prefer fabric, make sure you buy polyester instead of plain cotton cloth for the same reasons as vinyl.

Durable or Disposable

There is also another reason why polyester and vinyl come highly recommended – they are much more durable than most other shower curtain materials. Just make sure you purchase your curtains from reliable sources both online and offline. You might find some cheap curtains on overstock discount, only to find out that they begin ripping apart within a matter of weeks – which is something that black doesn’t take well to.

Keep these five considerations in mind and you will be able to find out how a black shower curtain will work great in your bathroom!

Also, as you do your search for toilet supplies and accessories one item that you’ll have to keep in mind is shower curtain rods .  In the past there were very few choices for a shower rod on the market. However, there are now many shapes available including D and U-Shaped and many materials such as chrome and brass.


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